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The Most Common Pests in Winter

Winter Pests

In the summer months the most common pests are ants, wasps and other insects. However, quite often there will be pests around in the winter.

Why do pests come into our homes in the winter?

Most pests don’t like the cold weather just like us, so when winter approaches they can invade our homes looking for a warm place to spend the winter.

Which are the most common pests in winter?

Rats and mice: They are able to squeeze through very small spaces, and will make themselves at home in any warm place where they can find food.

Cockroaches: These pests are usually dirty creatures and if they come into contact with your food, they can transmit infectious diseases.

Wasps: Although wasps are mainly around in the summer, they will find a warm place to hibernate in the winter, so if a queen enters your home, by the spring you may find a nest.

Squirrels: Squirrels can get access to your loft or attic through gaps in the roof or chimneys and can chew and damage your things.

How can we stop pests entering our homes?

We can check that there are no holes from the outside. For example; gaps under doors, loose window frames, holes in the walls. If you find any, then seal them up so that pests find it more difficult to get into your home.

Also, try to make sure you aren’t leaving any crumbs or bits of food around indoors and clean up any spillages in the kitchen. These attract rodents and insects into the home.

Finally, make sure your rubbish sacks are tightly tied and are kept clean and out of sight. Using a disinfectant spray will help keep pests away,. If you have a wheelie bin make sure you keep the inside clean and close the lid. These things will prevent squirrels and rats being attracted to your home.

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