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The Most Common Pests in Summer

Why are there More Insects in Summer?

In summer the most common pests are various types of insects. These are mainly ants, cockroaches and wasps. Insects are a lot more active during summer as they prefer warm weather. There is more food around for them in summer and they may come into our homes looking for food and to cool down.

The Most Common Types of Pests in Summer

Ants are very busy during the summer looking for food in the garden. Worker ants will try to get into buildings for food especially if it is sweet. They aren’t a risk to our health, but they can be present in large numbers.

Cockroaches are also more common during the summer months. As well as holes and cracks in walls, they can also enter our homes through vents and pipes. Cockroaches are drawn to heat and food waste and are nocturnal. They can spread nasty diseases, so they need to be dealt with quickly.

If you notice wasps in a room in your house there may be a nest nearby. Between May and November they can be seen entering and leaving through the roof or a wall and are attracted by light.

How to Deal with Summer Pests

We can take precautions to prevent insects from becoming a problem in our homes. We can keep the kitchen tops and floor clean, be careful not to leave uncovered food out and even if it’s in the cupboard we should keep it in sealed containers. Also, make sure any holes or cracks in the walls have been blocked.

If you are still having these kind of problems, then please Contact Tom for advice.

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